Monday, 1 January 2018

Fluxion 2017-2018.

Gustavo Chab Fluxion / for flugelhorn – 4 channels fixed and live electronics Fluxion is an interactive process Abrupt and rough sonic design with rapid shifts that throw us into new sonic areas Fluxion is an open source, a creative form of working with sonic material The performer integrates himself breathing and playing the instrument. He elaborates specific musical actions, brief interventions with air and interactive patterns for each abstract design The creative score has many events and segments: parameters as visual lines, dots, plus and minus signs with graphic notation The audio was created by using a previous recording of Sebastián Sáenz, sounds of the flugelhorn from single tones to extended improvisations with many manipulations and electronic: routing the sonic signal through virtual modules, effects and synths that modify it during the process The electronic sounds were initially produced separately in order to elaborate the main audio and then later assembled with others recordings, always emphasizing the need to explore new sonorities